Your Customer Communications
& Metrics

Capturing Frame of Mind…

such is the essence of modern media

Customer communications is what makes your business work.

Customer communication is the #1 way your business keeps customers. Everyone knows that a customer in hand is worth at least 5 out there in the brush.  

Profitable businesses have great practices around customer communications:

Consistent:              Email & Social Media

Relevant:                 Click & Response Marketing

Guideposts:              Calls to Action

Listen & Respond:   Analytics

Today, we have amazing tech tools to make these practices easy and effective for your business.

So how are you talking to your customers?

Email Marketing

Email – done right – is still the #1 modern way customers want to stay in touch.  And you can use email responses to understand what an individual customer is most interested in, in need of, or is considering. The “click” is a very modern communications medium.

Click & Response Marketing

Also called “drip communications” – does much of the heavy lifting by automating email information flows to your customer based on their click signals.  Your job is to be customer-savvy in creating relevant information steps. Then observe, listen, and help your customer along their way – and in your relationship.

We help you be consistent and relevant.

Calls to Action

Are you telling your customer what to do next?

Calls to actions are your customer’s way-finding signs.  If you aren’t providing them, you are losing them.

Keep it clean, keep it simple, make it obvious, make it clear.

Relevant calls to action should be everywhere: in your email, on your website, in your ads, on your social posts, in conversations. These are notBuy Me!” signs, these are “This Way Next >” signs.  Those require knowing what steps your customers take, so you can place the stepping stones.

We’ll help you plot your customer’s path, guide them along the way, and help you to act on their responses.

Social Media

Using the communications tools your customers use is marketing 101.  Whether it is mass-audience Facebook or a B2B niche online place, networks are a way we work. live, and discover.

Social media is just one communication tool, but there your message can spread farther and wider. It’s there you can discover what your customer is looking for.

Valuable content is important to your customer, but understanding that modern media is your amplification media is what’s most important to you.

We’ll help you use social media as a tool for your customer and for your business.

Mobile Modern

Mobile is not only the “here and now” communications mode, it is also the window through which we view the web, and the surface we use to search for solutions.

Being mobile-savvy isn’t about having “an app” – it’s being in the view from mobile devices.  From mobile searches to mobile websites to mobile functions, we’ll get you to where your customers are.


Modern media gives your business the tools to measure marketing activities like never before.

We’re here to:

  • Set up & configure analytics practices in your customers communications
    • Google Analytics
    • Marketing Automation
    • Marketing Metrics and Reporting
    • Social Media Monitoring & Analytics
  • Read the numbers and give you insights to grow your business
  • Train your staff in using analytics for better marketing

We’ll help you communicate better.

Now, that’s modern marketing.

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