Customer Data Protection

Customer’s Data is a Shared Asset

Customers are asking: “Are you a steward of my data?

Marketing brings in customers. With that comes their data – and the trust that you will handle it with care.

Loss of your customer’s sensitive data is a breach of your customer’s trust.  And it’s an expensive problem that will cost you millions.

It exposes your business to expensive mitigation steps, regulator action, lost productivity, and reputation damage.

Designing how your business protects customer data is as important to your business as having customers.

Great IT security doesn’t have you covered.  More data loss comes from employee behaviors or lax data handling than hacking.  Data leaks through the cracks in your processes, not just through your technology.

We’ll help you protect what you collect.

Your data privacy officer

We’re on-the-scene or on-call as your data privacy manager:

Privacy Best Practices
  • Assess how well your business is adhering to best practices or regulations around sensitive data protection.
  • Pinpoint the sources of sensitive data risks in your business and strengthen your practices.
  • Audit third-party relationships and make recommendations for strengthening contracts around customer data handling.
  • Develop an organization privacy vision.
  • Advise on data privacy issues in daily operations.
Privacy Policies, Compliance, & Training
  • Create or update data privacy policies and procedures across all business functions.
  • Train employees on customer data privacy best practices and compliance.
  • Manage your privacy program for compliance and keep it current.
Breach Response
  • Create or update data breach response programs.
  • Breach response training and exercises.
  • Data breach crisis communication.
 Maintain Customer Trust
  • Executive and board briefings on private data governance, current trends, and changing regulations.
  • Privacy communications with customers and employees.
  • On-going management of customer data privacy program.

Get me data wise.