Linda Zimmer

The value of a place is the people that inhabit it.

Linda Zimmer leads the MarCom:Interactive practice and all client engagements. She is President and CEO.

Linda Zimmer is a digital marketing and technology veteran, founding two of the first Internet marketing agencies, helping to usher brands into the online era.

She has advised major brands on digital strategies and customer behaviors, including Kraft Heinz, Hilton, Intel, and Princess Cruises; and she crafted online programs for Nike, J&J, Dannon, and the Recording Industry Association of America.

Linda is certified as a data privacy manager by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She focuses clients and marketing professionals on being good stewards of customer data, advising them on best practices around protecting sensitive data.  She is a member of the National Strategies for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, creating a national framework for enhancing privacy and security in online transactions.

An award-winning and requested speaker and facilitator, Linda focuses on bringing attention to the impact of digital behaviors and technology on how we compete in today’s marketplace. She facilitates strategic planning sessions, workshops and speaks at business conferences and associations.  She is a media source on digital management topics for outlets such as US News and Worlds Report, Forbes, Computer Weekly, CIO Magazine, and Forrester Research.

Highly committed to education, Linda taught college technology courses for 13 years as an adjunct faculty member.  She is on the board of directors of High School Inc. Acadamies Foundation and is founder of Modern Media Leadership Institute, providing research and corporate professional development programs in social and digital technology management and practices.

Throughout her career she has managed dynamic multimedia teams, strategized and lead hundreds of online communications and marketing programs, architected small to complex websites and applications, produced steaming live and TV-simulcast broadcasts, and mentors executives and teams in “thinking digital.” She codes for the fun of it.

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