Quick Fixes

Marketing Makeover

Each marketing activity should be a wicked-smart signpost along your customer’s way to the sale.

Customers don’t just suddenly “buy.” They start a journey before choosing you. They could turn off at any point.

Maybe your website is informative but isn’t triggering any action for you.

Or maybe your customer doesn’t know what to do next and you missed leading them with helpful marketing or communications.

It could be that your marketing content is completely riveting, but no one is finding it or reacting to it. Or, perhaps your social media isn’t doing a lot for you – or for them.

Small things.
Big impact.

We assess your customer’s journey to the sale and how well it’s working today. Then we make very specific recommendations for making that sales journey so much better for them – and you. That makes for more revenue. More customers. More conversions.

Your Quick Wins inspects these marketing activities to find where you might have MLOTT (Money Left on The Table):

  • Your Web and Email Landing Pages Effectiveness
  • Your Calls to Action (what they are, where they are, and how well they do the job)
  • Your Marketing Messages
  • Customer Interaction Opportunities
  • How Effectively Search Engines Help Customers Find You
  • Your Email Marketing & List Building Techniques
  • Social Media Profiles – a.k.a. Your Digital Footprint
  • Your Marketing Content
  • Your Search Engine Marketing
  • Your Conversion Rate and Monitoring Techniques

We start with a few questions. You’ll get meaningful, actionable recommendations.

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