Strategic Marketing

Marketing that goes somewhere

When you talk marketing are you hearing ideas? – like “brochures,” “campaigns,” “social media,” and “promotions.”

Or are you hearing direction? – like “we converted 25% more website visitors this week.”  Or “leads grew 18% this month.” Or “we gained 2% market share last month.”

The first conversation says:  We’re trying.

The second conversation says : We’re working the plan.

Strategic Marketing defines how, where, and when you compete.

Our Strategy First approach helps you define:

  • where you compete for greatest advantage: for which customers or in what markets
  • how to differentiate yourself for competitive dominance
  • when to compete capitalizing on customer needs or market timing

With that strong competitive foundation we then create a wicked-smart marketing plan: that mix of marketing ideas and activities that realize your business goals.

Go somewhere. Be relevant. Move from ideas to a wicked-modern marketing strategy.

 Strategize me.