Your Social Media

Being visible means being social.

Social media is a very real business channel and a very real place. Social media is the modern marketplace.

As a channel, social media is the tributary rivers through which news and gossip, newborn pictures, grief-filled memorials, family histories, brand recommendations, cat videos, celebrity-making, wishes and desires, greetings and long goodbyes, self-promotion, tentative creativity, sarcasm, wit, and invisible tears flow. Social media is how we live out loud.

Surely your brand belongs among all this living.

Social media is a place to come to hang out; establish a reputation; to feel a belonging; to find business solutions and lifestyle answers; to get news in a crisis. It is a home away from home; a small village and a global stage. It is a place to come to laugh and to grieve; to change the world; to leave a legacy; to defend a cause, find diversion or stay connected to families, friends, community and the world.

Surely your brand should be visible in places we gather.

Social media is built for engagement. And so is business. The two go together perfectly when you build strategic social visibility.

We’ll get you wicked-smart in social:

  • Digital / social media strategy & plans
  • Social media audits and guidance
  • Socializing your brand & marketing communications
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Selecting the right platforms and tools
  • Developing and tracking social metrics
  • Website integration
  • Crisis communications or rapid response
  • Social media visibility tactics
  • Social media advertising strategies
  • Social media policies
  • Social media management
  • Customer learning or support communities
  • Community building strategies
  • Social media training

Go social and be modern.