Digitally Speaking

Eye-opening and Visual

Linda is an award-winning speaker who will make you think anew about your relationship with your visibility. 

Linda is deeply informed and opinionated about modern-day marketing, technology, and data privacy. She weaves tales of the in-vogue, cyberliving and reinvention. She shows you how to do business today through the lens of digital life, behaviors, tools, and interactions.

With more than 25 years of experience in applying new media and digital behaviors to business outcomes, Linda has first-hand insight coupled with in-the-trenches practicality. She thinks on her feet, engages participants from beginning to end, and facilitates conversation that changes practices.

From keynotes to private seminars, Linda will bring you a conversation about our world in constant change – and how you can create opportunity within it.

Linda’s biography is available here.

Popular Presentation Topics

Digital Marketing Reinvention: Five Hypes, Five Realities

Are there  truly essential tools to be an up-to-date organization or marketer?  Is social media pain or gain? This fast-paced presentation separates digital hype from online reality. You’ll come away with at least five ways to reinvent your marketing.

Private Matters

Every business gathers customer data. Keeping that data private keeps customers.  New laws, media coverage, and customer fears means you need to be wicked-smart about data protection.  Get practical tips and a data privacy checkup.

Managing Visibility

Online is our modern go-to tool for being visible, spreading news, inviting engagement, and reaching customers. It’s fun! It’s open! It’s exciting! It also has aspects of the creepy, the risky, and the leaky. Practical tips for managing both sides of the visibility coin for corporate and personal well-being.

Social Media Advertising:Targeting Your Dollars

Social media advertising has become a “must have” if you want to effectively reach people on popular social media platforms.  But how do you navigate the changing algorithms from each platform and ensure you’re not wasting your advertising dollars?  New strategies (or bigger budgets) are needed! A guide through the social media advertising landscape.

Popular Workshop Topics

Telling Your Story

What is marketing? Attracting and touching people who take action. Your story is what creates, builds, and defines your relationships with customers, partners, board members, or funders.  This is a hands-on workshop toward building an irresistible brand story so you get what you want and need while building enviable relationships.

Turning Trend Watching into Business Opportunity

Keeping your eye on trends is a job requirement for every executive.  Any trend can be a powerful slingshot of business opportunity.  Learn the three fundamentals that signal a trend – and then practice at applying the trends surrounding us to your company, region, or product.

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