Your Symptoms

Are you experiencing one or more of these?


Customers are bored. The business feels boring. You are bored. Employees are on automatic.  



Customers Find Someone Else

They just disappear.  Or they buy just one thing from you. Up-selling or cross-selling doesn’t happen. They hammer you on price. Finding new customers is your primary goal. 

Feeling Behind

The marketplace is changing. You feel stuck. You sense you are falling behind, but not sure how or where.  New ideas and new competitors are appearing around you. Where to next? is the question keeping you up at night.


Everyone Defines You Differently

Customers or partners have their own idea about you, but it’s kind of foggy. You don’t like how they see you. Your product or service is all you are to them. They don’t seem to get how truly valuable you are to them.

Trying Everything, Little Progress

New brochure. New campaign. New website. New logo.  Social media. Public Relations.  Advertising. Bigger ad budget. Webinars. More sales people. Telemarketing. A give-away. A “viral video.” 


Sales Says “More Support”

Better material. Better product. Price reduction. The competition is defining you. The competition dominates your decisions.

You need a marketing re-invention intervention.

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